How much does LinkedIn sales navigator cost

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How LinkedIn Sales Navigator Pricing Structure

Why It’s a Game-Changer for Your Business. LinkedIn Sales Navigator has become an indispensable tool for businesses. Looking to enhance their sales and marketing strategies on the professional networking platform.


What does LinkedIn sales navigator cost?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a premium tool designed for sales professionals, offering advanced features for prospecting and lead generation. Pricing varies based on subscription tiers and features, with plans typically starting around $64.99 per month for individuals and custom pricing for enterprise solutions, providing robust networking and sales capabilities.


But how much is LinkedIn navigator?

LinkedIn sales navigator costs: Core (Professional), Advanced (Team), and Advanced Plus (Enterprise).

The Sales Navigator Core plan serves as an excellent entry point for individuals and businesses venturing into the Sales, offering a practical balance between affordability and essential features.

So Geared towards those keen on exploring the potential of LinkedIn’s sales tools without a substantial financial commitment, this plan provides access to fundamental functionalities.


How much does sales navigator cost per month

Price of sales navigator

Monthly: $99/month
Annual: $79.99/month ($959.88 per year). The Core (Professional) plan is designed for those new to marketing or sales, offering advanced filters, lead and account search, alerts on activities, the ability to create custom lists, and saved searches.


LinkedIn sales navigator team pricing

  • Monthly: $149/month
  • Annual: $108.33/month ($1300.00 per year).
  • The Advanced (Team) plan, a bit more expensive, includes additional features like Smart Links, Team Links for accessing teammates’ networks, and CSV upload for creating account lists.


How much does LinkedIn navigator cost Advanced Plus (Enterprise) Pricing

Sales navigator enterprise pricing Annual: Starting at $1600/seat per year
The Enterprise plan offers personalized pricing based on your needs. with features such as Team Link Extend, Real-Time Contact Update, and Advanced CRM integration.

Note: A 25% discount is available if you opt for annual payment upfront.

How much does LinkedIn sales navigator cost
How much does LinkedIn sales navigator cost


Additional features on Sales Navigator Advanced for this cost

You’ll get 3 additional features on Sales Navigator Enterprise for this price

Enterprise-Grade Team Collaboration: Enhanced collaboration tools for larger sales teams, allowing for better coordination and sharing of insights.

Advanced Reporting and Analytics: Deeper insights into the performance of your sales efforts, allowing for more informed decision-making.

Dedicated Customer Support: Priority access to customer support services to address any issues or inquiries promptly.

Making the Most of Your Investment with Org PVA Shop

While Sales Navigator offers robust features, there’s a tool to further enhance its capabilities. Meet Org PVA Shop, a Chrome Extension that allows you to export leads seamlessly from Sales Navigator to Excel.


LinkedIn navigator cost

Addressing Sales Navigator Flaws with Org PVA Shop

Relevance in Search Results: Sales Navigator may have its flaws. Including irrelevant search results. Org PVA Shop addresses this by automatically detecting.

Data Cleaning: With Org PVA Shop, you can save time on data cleaning and lead qualification. The tool compares your results with the original search filters, ensuring the accuracy of your leads.


Why you Pay for LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

You may be wondering where I can always use a LinkedIn account for free, then why should I use Sales Navigator for that?

Unlimited Searches: Sales Navigator provides the freedom to conduct unlimited searches.

LinkedIn navigator price

Saved Searches and Alerts: With Sales Navigator, you can save your searches for future reference.

InMail Credits: While you’re allocated 50 credits, providing direct access to potential leads. There are creative ways to extend this outreach effectively.

Lead Recommendations: This feature streamlines the process of discovering new leads that align with your target audience, saving you time and effort.

Organization with Custom Lists
The option to create custom lists allows you to organize your leads efficiently.


LinkedIn sales navigator pricing and Features

  • Sales Navigator Core: Features and Pricing
    it serves as a great entry point to the Sales Navigator ecosystem. Priced at $99.99/month or $959.88/year
    Sales Navigator Advanced: Features and Pricing
  • Advanced plan encompasses all Core features and introduces extras like Smart Links, Team Link, and CSV upload. Priced at $149.99/month or $1,300/year, it provides a comprehensive set of tools to boost your LinkedIn game.
  • Sales Navigator Advanced Plus: Features and Pricing
    For enterprises seeking top-tier capabilities, the Advanced Plus plan offers CRM updates with data validation, CRM integration, and advanced enterprise integrations. Priced at $1,600 per seat.
Make Sales Navigator Worth The Cost With OrgPVAShop

I can offer some general advice on how to maximize. The value of a Sales Navigator subscription to make it worth the cost

Understand Your Objectives: Clearly define your sales and prospecting objectives. Whether it’s lead generation, building relationships, or closing deals. So having clear goals will help you tailor your use of Sales Navigator.

Leverage Advanced Search and Filters: Use the advanced search and filtering capabilities of Sales Navigator to identify and target specific leads or accounts that align with your ideal customer profile.

Engage with Insights Regularly review updates and insights about your leads and accounts. Stay informed about job changes. Company updates, and other activities to identify opportune moments for engagement.

CRM Integration: Integrate Sales Navigator with your CRM system to ensure a seamless flow of information between platforms. Enabling more efficient management of leads and accounts.

Stay Informed About Updates: Regularly check for updates and new features in Sales Navigator. LinkedIn may introduce enhancements or additional tools that can further enhance your sales efforts.


LinkedIn sales navigator pricing Be Aware of Sales Navigator Flaws

With extended search filters, users can precisely target and refine their prospecting efforts, ensuring a tailored approach to lead generation. The inclusion of limited monthly InMail credits facilitates direct communication with prospects outside one’s network, a valuable asset for initiating meaningful conversations.

Lead and account recommendations, coupled with real-time sales updates, equip users with timely insights for strategic engagement.

The integration with select CRM systems streamlines workflow efficiency, enhancing the overall sales process. As an economical choice, the Sales Navigator Core plan enables users to familiarize themselves with the platform’s. Capabilities before considering more advanced plans.

This flexibility makes it an attractive starting point for individuals and smaller teams aiming to navigate the nuances of LinkedIn’s sales tools without the financial commitment of higher-tier plans.


Is Sales Navigator Worth the Investment?

Advanced Plus depends on the scale of your operations. With Sales Navigator being the most extensive B2B prospect database. The investment could be well worth it for serious sales professionals.

Investing in Sales Navigator at this price grants users access to a robust set of core features, empowering a more strategic and efficient approach to sales prospecting.

The advanced filters for lead and account search offer a nuanced exploration, allowing users to tailor their searches and pinpoint prospects that align precisely with their criteria. The inclusion of alerts on lead and account activities ensures that users stay informed in real-time, providing valuable insights into changes such as job movements or company updates.


One of the standout features is the ability to create custom lead and account lists, providing a systematic and organized way to manage prospects.

This customization allows users to prioritize leads based on their unique business needs and sales objectives. Additionally, the functionality of saved searches enhances productivity by enabling quick access to predefined search criteria, streamlining the process of regularly monitoring and engaging with targeted prospects.

The investment at this price level not only unlocks the essential tools for effective lead generation but also introduces a level of customization and proactive monitoring crucial for staying ahead in the dynamic landscape of sales on LinkedIn.


How much does LinkedIn sales navigator cost

How useful was this post? If you’re navigating the landscape of LinkedIn Sales Navigator, this comprehensive guide provides insights into the pricing structure and a solution to optimize your prospecting efforts.

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